“A good PR story is infinitely more effective than a front page ad.” – Sir Richard Branson



Street & Co is a pr & communications agency. We maintain traditional mainstream media relations, whilst keeping our ear to the digital ground and placing emphasis on social media and SEO considerations.  We’ve developed brands, designed identity, built websites, made films and written marketing strategies.   Based in Somerset House in London and operating across the UK and internationally, we possess a wealth of PR contacts and experience acting on behalf of both entrepreneurial start-ups and 100-year old established businesses.  We’re committed to serving our clients’ best interests and ensuring that they are perceived in the best, most effective and stimulating way.

Founded by Sarah Street in 2013 with the aim of sharing her wide ranging experience of good and great pr (and disappointed by the impression given by the occasional bad practitioner she has met), we are experts on reputation management and storytelling, with a particular affinity for luxury and lifestyle sectors.

We focus on meeting the client’s business objectives, getting results and showing ROI where we can.  We want coverage, visits, views, links, clicks, likes, and re-tweets that generate a positive influence on your business.

At Street & Co we believe in our clients and make it our business to ensure that their key markets feel the same way. Although we can’t control what people say about you when you’re out of the room, We are experts in providing our client’s business projects with the confidence, expertise and prowess needed to exceed their audience’s expectations.

There are no guarantees when it comes to the media, whether social, online, in print, broadcast, nationals, magazines, b2b, or regional. We wouldn’t be needed if it were that easy. To stand a chance of cutting through you have to be out there, relentlessly placing the businesses, people and happenings in front of the figures that matter. We understand this and work with clients to etch out stories that are unique, inspiring, creative and eye-catching.

In short, we like to think of ourselves as professional friends of our client’s business. Instead of a separate entity, we see ourselves as one team.  The industry and media landscape is constantly evolving, so it’s important that our approach reflects this. Working in sync with our clients ensures flexibility, allowing us to re-assess and develop our strategy along the journey to ensure we are supporting your key objectives as best we can.


You might be familiar with Sarah Street.  After all, her name’s in the site’s URL, and for good reason, given her wealth of experience promoting and enhancing the reputations of luxury lifestyle brands.  Previous to starting Street & Co, Sarah ran the Fortnum & Mason press office and worked as head of Bell Pottinger Consumer, having amassed fifteen years of public relations and sponsorship experience.

During her tenure at Fortnum & Mason, Sarah spearheaded a dramatic increase from three hundred pieces of annual coverage to three thousand five hundred a year across key publications.  Operating on a global level and with an AVE value of thirty million, Sarah added significant value to the brand and secured its prominence within both the industry and public consciousness.  In 2012, Sarah’s hard work was rewarded with the opportunity to co-ordinate a Royal Visit to Fortnum & Mason to mark the beginning of the Her Majesty’s Jubilee Year.  In attendance were Her Majesty the Queen and their Royal Highnesses, the Duchess of Cambridge and the Duchess of Cornwall.