Street & Conversation with… Mandy Sherliker

Accomplished in the world of design, Mandy’s expertise is demonstrated through her creative eye. Mandy works with restaurateurs, hoteliers and brands to create eye catching branding, content and interior design.  

What’s your favourite secret place in London?

GF Smith’s Paper Showroom. It showcases the simple beauty of paper and the unlimited possibility of things you can do with it. It’s really quite spectacular.  

What’s your favourite place to eat out?

There’s too many to choose from. I could be here all day. But I have to say, Bellanger in Islington, Turkish Cafe Mangal 1 in Hackney Downs and Dishoom are up there in my top 3.  

What’s your favourite tube line and why?

Well Victoria seems the obvious one to me – it’s the closest to home so I take it every day.  

What’s your London guilty pleasure?

I do love a Mister Whippy, you can’t go wrong with Ice Cream.  

What’s your favourite London building?

The Michelin Building is wonderful. The building was historically occupied by the Michelin tyre company and the art-deco nature of the building is so playful with windows based on Michelin character and advertisements.  

What’s the best place for a date in London?

It depends who you are with, but if you are looking to impress someone I’d take them to The Wolseley. It’s a European restaurant in Mayfair that serves amazing seasonal dishes.  

Who’s your favourite Londoner?

There’s a few but my number one is my son CY Sherliker. Pat Newland from Poppies is also a true Londoner, born and bred in the East End and he is fantastic.  

East, West, North or South? And why?

I have lived in all of them but the North is my favourite. I feel at home in Islington and it’s so accessible with Kings Cross and Hackney close by.  

Finally… sum up London in three words!

Energetic, Dynamic, Diverse