Street & Conversation with…Kathryn at Kathryn Sargent Bespoke Tailoring

Based on Brook Street, just off Savile Row, Savile Row’s first ever female head cutter Kathryn Sargent has her atelier where she meets and greets clients from all over the world and makes unique garments for both men and women. Kathryn trained on Savile Row at Gieves & Hawkes which she left in 2012 to establish her own business, Kathryn Sargent Bespoke Tailoring, which she has been running ever since.   

How long have you been in London?

I moved to London when I started work in 1996. That’s when I first started at Gieves & Hawkes but before then I was studying at Epsom for 3 years doing fashion design. London feels like home to me. I am from the north of England but the Mayfair area is where I have really trained and established myself and my career. It’s very much where I feel I have become the person that I am now.  

Describe London in 3 words:

Diverse, inspiring and creative.   

What is your favourite place in London?

I love the contrast of the parks with the old neighbourhoods of London like historical Mayfair and St James’, and then just a short walk from there you have St James’ park which is a beautiful park with lots of history. You feel like you can get away from the city and get your headspace. Also Hyde Park, I have been walking through Hyde Park every day since going back to work. I think when you’re not in a rural location and you’re in a city, you need those spaces with such a rich history and interesting things going on. I like the parks and I also like the older buildings and architecture of London. I like walking around and feeling inspired, and the community feeling that you are contributing to and being part of bringing the city life.  

Favourite place to eat out in London?

There are too many! I think there are some fantastic places to go for every budget and every cuisine. For a really special occasion I love a restaurant in Chelsea called Elystan Street, yet somewhere like the Mayfair Chippy is a fun place to go if you want some good fish and chips in central London. There’s a great pub called The Windmill at the top of Savile Row which serves a fantastic pie.  

What is your London guilty pleasure?

Something that many of my clients do, and something that I don’t get to do that often when I am working, is to indulge in fine art and fine food. Therefore at the weekend, I like to go to galleries across London. I also really love live theatre so i’m always keeping an eye out for new plays. Matinee, art gallery and a meal in one day. It feels very indulgent.  

What is your favourite London building?

I love the Royal Academy of Art. It is really a beautiful space for art and just the building itself, the figures on it and the columns outside. It’s statuesque and as grand as its contents. I’ve walked past it every day of my working career. You don’t often look up at buildings but it’s one of those where you really can appreciate the architecture of it.  

What’s the best place for a date in London?

A boat trip up the Thames followed by a river walk and mini pub crawl, finished off with a gallery or a nice meal.  

Do you prefer the east west north of south, why?

I am a West End girl. I live in the west and I work in the west end. It’s my home. I know the other parts of London as I have lived all over but where I have settled is where I prefer to be.